Ewa Radziejewska
Owner of the Dental Clinic

Ewa Radziejewska is a dentist with a 30-year experience in professional work. She graduated from the Medical University of Gdańsk in 1981, and 2 years later she obtained the first degree of specialisation in conservative and general dentistry. In addition, Ewa Radziejewska has the second degree of specialisation in prosthetics.  All throughout her career, Ewa Radziejewska has finished numerous professional courses and trainings. She is continuously improving her qualifications, participating in international and domestic conferences and courses, both theoretical and practical. Her scope of duties at the surgery mostly involves prosthetics and implant prosthetics.


In her personal life, Ewa Radziejewska is a mother of two sons. Furthermore, she is a keen enthusiast of alpine skiing and she has participated many times in giant slalom competitions. In her free time, she takes up jogging, as well as devotes herself to another of her great passions – cooking (her specialities include stuffed duck and hare served with cream sauce).

Zbigniew Radziejewski
Dental Surgeon

Zbigniew Radziejewski graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw and completed the degree of dental surgeon. He has participated in numerous trainings, courses, as well as international and domestic congresses concerning dental implantology, prosthetics, CAD/CAM and periodontics.
Zbigniew Radziejewski has participated in numerous internal training within Eurodental scheme, i.e.:
- in 2001-2004, lecturer Dr Sascha Jovanovic (UCLA, Los Angeles) - lectures, live surgery
- in 2001-present, lecturer Göran Widmark (the University of Gothenburg) – live surgery.
Moreover, he has also taken part in numerous external trainings which were carried out by, among others: Astra Tech, Noble Biocare, Dentsply Friadent, Dental Union Laboratory, Inter Dent, Robocam.
His scope of duties at the surgery involves implant surgery.
Interests: swimming, sailing, skiing, mountain tourism, sports and recreational activities.

Anna Radziejewska

Dental Surgeon

Anna Radziejewska graduated from the Medical University of Łódź on 26 June 2011, when she was awarded with a degree in dentistry.
She started her professional career at the Institute of Dentistry in Łódź, where she completed her medical internship. She spent another year mastering her skills within the framework of independent work, where she dealt with an extensive range of dentistry problems on a daily basis.
Moreover, she kept improving her qualifications by means of participation in numerous trainings concerning cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and prosthetics (Paul Gerloczy – Teeth Preparation for Crowns and Bridges; The Art of Aesthetics; Endomeeting; Endo-crowns; The ABC of Endodontics; Microscopic Dentistry by Maciej Kuźmiński).

Cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics are her passions.

Working at our clinic, she deals with conservative dentistry, root canal treatment and prosthetics carried out with respect to patients’ own teeth.

In 2013, overwhelmed by love, she decided to abandon her home town of Kalisz and moved 400 kilometres to the unknown territory
In 2014, she became a wife of a wonderful man, Maciej Radziejewski.

If she is not at work, then she will most probably read good books, learn Italian or play tennis.



Maciej Radziejewski

Dental Surgeon

Maciej Radziejewski graduated from the Medical University of Łódź in 2013.

Afterwards, he completed his professional internship at the family clinic of his mother, Ewa Radziejewska, where he treated the children from an Elbląg-based orphanage on a charitable basis.

As far as his professional experience is concerned, he extended his qualifications by participation in the following courses:

  • ‘Endomeeting Łódź 2014’

  • ‘Teeth Preparation for Crowns & Bridges - the Art of Aesthetics’ by professor Paul Gerloczy, Warsaw 2014

  • ‘Filtek Ultimate – Discover the Secrets of Perfect Proportion with Style Italiano’ – practical course

  • ‘Endo-crown – an Alternative Proceeding with Root Canal Treated Teeth – practical course’

  • ‘Microscopic Dentistry – A Basic Course’ by Maciej Kuźmiński

  • ‘The ABC in Endodontics’


Maciej Radziejewski is a husband of Anna Radziejewska, the most wonderful wife in the world, with whom he shares his job at a family-owned company. In his free time, he is a zealous fan of active leisure (tennis, hiking, snowboarding and pool), as well as travelling and cooking.


Anita Cytrycka-Szulc
Bachelor of Nursing

She graduated from a medical secondary school; she is also a graduate  of the Elbląg University of Humanities and Economics at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Furthermore, she has completed the following trainings: ‘Nursing procedure in surgeries of tissue regeneration and dental implantology’ and ‘Perio for dental hygienists – part I & II’. She has more than 11 years of experience in professional work. At Ewa Radziejewska’s clinic, she is a nurse assisting at various treatments, including implantological ones. Anita Cytrycka also deals with equipping the surgeries.
In her free time, she likes reading books and watching good movies, but the most enjoyable for her is active leisure with family in the bosom of nature.
Małgorzata Nowak
Dental Assistant

She is a graduate of post-secondary teacher training college; she also graduated from a vocational college at the faculty of dental assistance in 2009. She has been working as a dental assistant since 2006. At Ewa Radziejewska’s clinic, her scope of duties involves equipping surgeries with tools and cooperation with providers of dental equipment. She assists during various dental treatments.
In her leisure time, Małgorzata Nowak likes reading books. The good literature is what she values. She is especially engrossed in reading thrillers, love stories are acceptable as long as they contain an element of sensation, and watching spine-chilling films.

Katarzyna Górska
Dental Assistant

She graduated from a vocational college at the faculty of dental assistance, thanks to which she currently has a 4-year experience in her occupation. At Ewa Radziejewska’s clinic, apart from assisting dentists at treatments, she is also responsible for cooperation with the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Elbląg.
Her passion are formula one races, but she also likes art – theatre, cinema and good literature


Elżbieta Jaworska
Radiology Technician

She graduated from Medical College in Gdańsk at the faculty of electroradiology. She has a 35-year experience in this profession. Her professional duties involve making panoramic and cephalometric X-rays of temporomandibular joints and sinuses, as well as carrying out point X-rays.
In her free time, she likes reading books and listening to music


Dorota Budrewicz

tech. ekonomista-rejestratorka


She graduated from a Secondary School of Economics. She has been working at the dental clinic for over 6 years. She primarily deals with all financial and office issues, as well as registration and settling accounts with patients.
If only she has some free time to spare, she is willing to read books, listen to music or watch movies.