Conservative dentistry primarily involves treatment of various carietic and non-carietic defects. At our surgeries, not only do we rebuild even the smallest losses using simple fillings, but we also undertake the entire process of teeth reconstruction. The fillings used at our surgeries are of the highest quality and provide full comfort, as well as aesthetic qualities. Furthermore, the materials applied do not differ visually from natural tooth tissue. The fiberglass fillings can be replaced with inlays and onlays made at dentistry laboratories, which guarantees a long-lasting aesthetic effect.


What we care about with respect to our patients is not only their healthy teeth, but also beautiful teeth. Therefore, we restore a natural smile line. While designing the smile line, we take into account such facial features as its height, shape or profile, but also the patient’s sex and age. Perfect aesthetic qualities are achieved thanks to, among other things, fully-ceramic works – facings and crowns. Moreover, cosmetic dentistry includes teeth whitening treatments and dental deposit removal (tartar, deposit). During whitening treatments we apply high-quality materials - the Beyond system.






This is a branch of dentistry dealing with rebuilding lost teeth by use of removable and fixed prostheses.
We perform fixed restoration treatments:    

  • Crowns and bridges (steel, gold, zirconium oxide and aluminium oxide) faced with porcelain
  • Fully-ceramic facings and crowns
  • Inlays, onlays (pressed ceramics, gold and composite material)
  • Composite and ceramic glued bridges
  • Removable prostheses
  • Acrylic and nylon dental prostheses
  • Skeletal prostheses (buckles and attachments)
  • Overdenture prostheses based on the patient’s own teeth, as well as on implants)

We cooperate with the best technicians and laboratories in Poland.




This is a branch of dentistry dealing with completion of lacking teeth – from single ones to complete toothlessness. This completion is achieved by implantation in a toothless bone process and reconstructing teeth on the process by means of crowns, bridges and prostheses. Currently, it is the best method which, among other things, guarantees perfect functionality and aesthetic qualities, eliminates discomfort which a patient feels while wearing a removable prosthesis and does not enforce the necessity of polishing adjacent teeth. At our surgeries’, we have been using ASTRA TECH system, which is one of the best and the fastest developing systems worldwide.
Astra Tech is one of the pioneers in applying tight cone link implant-abutment. It has long-standing experience in implantology, based on numerous research and publications all around the world. It is also one of the oldest companies dealing comprehensively and successfully with implantology. There are almost no barriers to complete teeth by means of implants.
The implant prosthetics can be divided into two stages: the surgical and the prosthetics one. These phases are usually separated by a period of 2 to 8 months; however, they can be sometimes conducted without intervals.
The surgical stage is to place an implant (‘a screw’) which constitutes a root of a tooth. In addition, this phase also includes bone reconstructing treatments (in case of its loss), sinus-lift treatments, which is lifting maxillary sinuses, as well as transplantation of both soft and hard tissues. Therefore, implantation is possible with regard to majority of patients.
The prosthetic stage is to rebuild the tooth or teeth crowns, as well as to make a full prosthetic reconstruction, based on implants.





This is a field of dentistry including a root canal therapy. It is conducted with the use of both manual and machine tools, which ensures faster, as well as more accurate development of a tooth root canal. We have Root ZX endometers used for precise specification of canal length, B and Obture systems enabling to fill the canals tightly, radiographs and X-rays. Moreover, we work using a cofferdam. More difficult cases are treated with an endodontic microscope, which helps to find the canal orifices, to extend narrow canals, as well as to remove broken instruments and close a perforation. All the surgeries are equipped with radiovisiography and X-ray devices.






We pay a lot of attention to prophylaxis and oral hygiene at our surgeries. Therefore, our actions include various hygienic treatments:

  • Removal of dental calculus and deposits (supragingival – scaling and subgingival – curettage)
  • Tooth brushing instructions and gum massage
  • Individual selection of toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental flosses and mouthwashes
  • Fluoride prophylaxis
  • Impregnation of milk teeth (deciduous teeth)
  • Fissure sealing in permanent teeth
  • Elimination of teeth hypersensitivity

Taking care of our patients, we recommend follow-up visits every 6 months.



This branch of dentistry is conducted only by dental surgery experts. At our surgeries, it involves teeth extraction, single and multi-root teeth resection, alveolar cyst removal, preparation of oral cavity and dental alveolus for prosthetics and implant prosthetics treatment, as well as removal of retained teeth and wisdom teeth, preparation for orthodontic treatment and mini implants.



Orthodontics is a dentistry branch dealing with prophylaxis and treatment of malocclusion and maxillofacial defects among children, teenagers and adults. These defects can destroy facial aesthetic qualities and may cause caries and parodontal diseases. In addition, malocclusion can lead to abnormal teeth attrition, chewing difficulties, parodontal congestion and functional disorders of temporomandibular joints.
Aesthetic orthodontic treatment enables to obtain an attractive-looking smile and straight teeth. Moreover, the possibility of grinning without complexes gives comfort and confidence.



Taking care of full patiens’ comfort, each treatment is carried out under anaesthetic. At our surgeries, we have access to specific forms of anaesthesia for allergy sufferers and pregnant women. Furthermore, we also offer laughing gas, which is primarily recommended to people who feel the fear of a dental treatment, as well as children over 6 years of age. Anaesthetisation is also performed through the Wand apparatus.





We also take care of a healthy and beautiful smile of our youngest patients. In a specially equipped, child-friendly surgery, children will not feel any fear or discomfort as each treatment is conducted by the dentists in a friendly atmosphere. Before the first invasive treatment, we propose introductory visits for parents so that children could accustom themselves to both the surgery and dentist.
For those children who are extremely afraid of the dentist, we can offer laughing gas sedation.
Moreover, for the youngest patients, we recommend special services, such as the choice of the filling colour. At the end of treatment, each little patient will be given a small gift.



The radiology laboratory is equipped with and X-ray machine used for point photographs and a PROLINE XC pantomographic apparatus enabling to take facial skeleton teleradiograms from the distance of 1.5m in lateral, oblique, AP & AP positions.

The main advantages of the pantomography apparatus:

  • Comfortable and proper patient positioning ensured through good visibility (direct contact with the patient)
  • Perfectly detailed X-ray, lack of deformities and elimination of 'spine shade'
  • Special programme for children reducing the radiation dose by 40%
  • Precise patient positioning thanks to laser lines and mechanised chin shift
  • Automatic programme for temporomandibular joint photographs
  • Programme for maxillary sinuses images
  • Apparatus operating in a film version (on X-ray plates), which can be extended into a digital version
  • Safe for the patient and staff thanks to an HF frequency conversion generator
  • Automatic (while performing X-rays) patient saving data system and exposure parameters on X-ray plates (Autoprint option)