Fun at the dentist? Why not! It has been possible for many years at our surgeries. Our regular patients know about it very well, especially the youngest ones.

Inhalatory sedation with laughing gas (a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide) eases an appointment for both the patient and the dentist himself, who can easily treat a relaxed and satisfied client. Thanks to this, the treated person not only is stress-relieved and does not feel any fear, but also has a positive attitude towards the treatment which is to be conducted. The patients under sedation feel enjoyable stupefaction; however, they are still conscious and can communicate with the dentist.

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Take care of your teeth during pregnancy!

Many women reckon that it is not allowed to treat teeth while being pregnant. They are afraid that every dental treatment would be carried out without anaesthetic, which is commonly considered prohibited during pregnancy. On the contrary, it is negligence which can lead to very serious problems.

We must be aware of the fact that untreated teeth may be dangerous not only for the woman’s health, but also for her unborn child as tooth decay, which is so often disregarded and ignored, can cause numerous health problems. Moreover, improper oral hygiene increases the risk of a heart attack and blood vessel

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